Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting done right requires thorough preparation and skilled professionals with consistent attention for detail if homeowners are to expect lasting durability and beautiful results.

LEFT: Before remodel and exterior painting.  RIGHT: After remodel and exterior painting.

Top-rated professional exterior painters in Minneapolis and St. Paul are here to dramatically change the perceived value of your home by dramatically improving its curb appeal.  If you are looking for the greatest ROI (return on investment) painting the exterior of your home is at the top of the list.

Murphy Bros exterior painting process explained

Our 3-Step Exterior Paint ProcessCurb appeal is everything! Here's how we ensure you get it!

Careful Estimating

Nobody likes surprises. Well, unless maybe it’s your birthday. But when it comes to a quote to paint your house, you expect to stay within your budget.


Preparation Thorough Preparation for Exterior House Painting

Our professional painters follow a systematic approach to ensure a successful exterior painting project. Thorough preparation, attention to detail, and the use of quality materials are key to achieving a long-lasting and beautiful paint job.


Painting and Cleanup Expert Painting and Careful Cleanup

Once all surfaces have been prepared and inspected, we then move on to the actual painting, using only the best available brand name paints.


Exterior painting FAQs

Exterior Painting FAQsThe most commonly asked questions about exterior painting

  • You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your project along with your Service Project Manager’s contact information.
  • We will arrive between 8:00 & 8:30 a.m. with everything we need. After a short walk-through to confirm the project details, we will begin the project immediately.
  • Most exterior projects can be done in 1-5 days.  

  • A qualified estimate based on a measure and/or prints and finish option
  • Properly preparing all surfaces to be painted 
  • Paint, labor, tools, and misc. supplies 
  • Site walk & measure (if necessary)
  • Up to 2 hours of color and finish consult time
  • Upon approval, your project is added to the schedule, and arrangements are made for a product drop-off, start, and finish date

We can do that, however, the final decision is yours.  We recommend Hirshfield's or Sherwin Williams as those are our preferred vendors. You pick your color and sheen, and we will figure out quantities and pick it up. 

We do provide for an in-home color consultation or at our finishing facility.  Up to 2 hours is included with every estimate. There is an extra charge of $125 per hour for any additional time needed beyond that.

Yes. You mean you haven’t already?  Just kidding.  Deciding to get married and choosing paint colors are about equal in difficulty. However, at some point, you have to pull the trigger.  So, we just need to finalize your color selection 72 hours before your paint project is set to begin.

Of course. There are 3 different ways.  Call, text, or email your assigned field manager.

Please note, that a rescheduling fee of $99 will be charged if the project is rescheduled within a 72-hour window of the project start date. The rescheduling fee must be paid prior to scheduling the project.

We suggest you always keep some paint stored in a consistent (above freezing) climate for touch-ups.  However, you can also turn in leftover paint cans at no cost to many participating Hershfield’s stores. It’s all detailed here in our blog on dealing with old paint.

  • Rescheduling Fee: A rescheduling fee of $99 will be charged if the project is rescheduled within a 72-hour window of the project start date. The rescheduling fee must be paid prior to committing to a new scheduled date for the project.  
  • Cancellation Fee: Free cancellation 72 hours in advance of the project start date. A cancellation fee of 10% of the contract price will be held from the initial deposit upon cancellation within the 72-hour window of the project start date. 
  • Shop Terms: Payment upon pickup or delivery.