Whether it's cabinets, vanities, trim, doors or windows, pre-finishing is always best when done by hand by experienced craftsmen who understand the art of spraying and hand-applied applications.

Pre-Finishing refers to finishes applied to surfaces before installation

Pre-Finishing Defined

Pre-finishing generally refers to applying paint or stain to surfaces in a controlled environment such as our facility.  However, we can also apply finishes to trim and cabinets on-site.  This requires some extra site preparation to control the environment as much as possible but has the benefit of being faster and less prone to damage of products via transportation to and from the work site.

Cabinet Makers & Homeowners Pre-Finishing Services Explained

Our pre-finishing services cover all types of woodworking, on-site or off-site, including standard and custom finishes, glazed, enameled and custom stain matching.


Advantages of Pre-finishing Unlocking The Advantages of On & Off Site Pre-finishing

Cabinet makers as well as homeonwers have a lot to gain by making use of all the advantages and benefits of our services.