Minnetonka, MN Home Painting & Pre-finishing

Minnetonka Painting & Pre-Finishing

Larger more established homes require a big enough experienced crews to handle multi-room paint projects—and a project manager to keep everything on track. That's where we really shine.

Minnetonka Professional Home Painting & Pre-finishing

Residential Interior, and exterior house painting,In-home cabinet finishing and refinishing

Welcome to Painting & Pre-finishing, the key to transforming your Minnetonka home. Our comprehensive interior, exterior, and pre-finishing paint services are crafted to bring your vision to life, reflecting the elegance and style of Minnetonka.

We understand the unique character of your community and are dedicated to reflecting it in every project we undertake. Explore our comprehensive range of services and discover how we can make your Minnetonka home a masterpiece of color and beauty, perfectly capturing the sophistication and charm of your city.

Interior Painting

Interior house painting done right requires pain-staking preparation, protection, and cleanliness, not to mention professionals with meticulous attention to the details.


Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting done right requires thorough preparation and skilled professionals with consistent attention for detail if homeowners are to expect lasting durability and beautiful results.



Whether it's cabinets, vanities, trim, doors or windows, pre-finishing is always best when done by hand by experienced craftsmen who understand the art of spraying and hand-applied applications.